Upcoming Continuing Education Opportunities

August 7, 2017

A local paramedic with wilderness and activist background is hosting a 2-day round of medical scenarios on Aug 26 and 27 in south Minneapolis. This is informal, no certs or trainings besides whatever folks want to discuss and learn amongst ourselves. The primary focus will be to drill live-action scenarios to practice those assessments and first-aid skills, plus endure a little stress inoculation. Trigger warning for pseudo blood and guts, and pseudo suffering.
There are only 20 seats open, and it costs $15 per person for the supplies used over the weekend. If you come please be prepared to possibly play a patient once or twice as well as be a responder. This is best suited for someone with some level of medical training, be it Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Street Medic, EMT, or something similar. If you don’t have that or are unsure about your training but still want to participate please let me know and we can talk.
If you do medical support with a buddy and only want to practice with them, cool, we should be able to make that happen most of the time. If you have a medical kit you want to practice exclusively with, cool, bring it and if you want to use some of my supplies for practice you’re welcome. This will be happening in whatever weather unless it is severe. If you can’t make the whole thing let me know and we’ll figure it out. If you have kids and have to bring them let me know, we might be able to figure out cooperative child care.
The schedule is Aug 25, Fri, 1700-1900 for group review and meet ‘n’ greet. Aug 26, Sat, 1000-1800 for scenarios, and Aug 27, Sun, 1000-1700 for scenarios.

A second continuing education opportunity is North Star’s September Skill Share: Monday 9/25 at 6pm. Kristi will lead herbal first aid. Location TBA.
Contact northstarhealth@gmail.com for more information for either opportunity.

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