Psychological First Aid Training

November 3, 2011

Psychological First Aid Training

A workshop for those part of the #occupy movement, especially geared towards street medics, healers & any other service providers, but open to ALL.

Sunday, November 6th, 2011  1-3pm
Room N202, Central Library, Downtown Minneapolis

Learn & Practice Skills to:
-Help someone who has recently been traumatized or exposed to violence
-Assist someone who is having intense emotional or psychological issues
-Be aware of your own & each others’ vicarious & secondary trauma & the necessity of self-care
-Reduce PTS (post traumatic stress) for new and ‘repeat’ activists and service providers
-Discuss & strategize specific experiences & possibilities about the mental health needs at OccupyMN

In this workshop we will also draw connections between our lives and the trauma and violence that our current socioeconomic system results in every day. We will also touch on a critique of the current model of mental health and talk about some of the other mental and emotional health issues that are being seen at Occupy spaces around the country.


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