Images of Less Lethal Weapons

September 4, 2008

This is what the police are shooting at people out there. These specimens were collected around 9:00 PM on September 2nd from St. Peter Street, between 7th and 6th. They were shot from near Mickey’s diner after the Poor People’s March on Tuesday.

Fragment of foam-tipped bullet. This is orange; I have seen blue and green ones as well. Not sure what the difference is.

Foam-tipped bullet (top).

Metal baton round, which are fired out of a grenade launcher at a high velocity. They are filled with irritating “pepper powder,” which is ejected on impact.

Wooden baton round, also fired from a grenade launcher. These have a tendency to splinter on impact.

Fragmented flash-bang grenade. The unexploded unit is likely something similar to this.

Additionally, I have personally seen paintball-like marker projectiles and (obviously) lots of pepper spray. I have also heard numerous reports of tear gas, but none of those (to my knowledge, which is by no means complete) have been 100% confirmed.

If you see any less-lethals laying on the streets, please collect & document them (but, please, only if it is safe to do so). It is imperative to share any information we have on police conduct, and in the event of a lawsuit, physical examples of their weapons will be very useful.


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