Things we know (or at least 87.8% sure of)

September 2, 2008

Word up smart alec. Welcome to the RNC Street Medic & Wellness Center Webpage! Friends, here’s latest updates from the hottest street medics in Minnesota! YEY!

Here’s what we know:

Concerns about health care in jail

9:00 Am Weds Morning: People who are in jail still not getting all their medications. We know of at least two people with doctors notes & meds on hand, but who haven’t received their medication. We are working to contact health providers at jail, perhaps visiting the jail with our lawyer & docs to see what can be done. While it is important to let the Jail know that the community is watching, jail health staff are overworked.

Also we have no information about health from detained women or juveniles. We are concerned that we haven’t heard from them, because we worry phone access has been withheld.

Susan Gaertner is Ramsey County Attorney prosecutes all felonies. She is Democrat & interested in running for Governor. Call her to talk about your concerns (612) 978-8625 or (651) 266-3222

Ramsey County Jail Phone: (651) 292-3698 or (651) 266-9350
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman (651) 266-8510
Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher (651) 266-9333
County Chief Judge Gearin (651) 266-8266)

Ask politely that RNC protesters & community members in Jail be allowed visitors as is standard at other times. Families deserve to know their loved ones are healthy & OK.

1:00 Pm Tues Afternoon: Our amazing M.D. talked to the nurse at the Ramsey County Jail where hundred or so community members are being held. North Star was concerned after hearing that some folks didn’t receive appropriate health care while in jail. The conversation seemed rather productive and reassuring. At this point we think that repeatedly calling the nurse at the jail is not useful.

If, by chance, we were led astray and you hear that your best friend is in jail without meds or without appropriate medical attention, please let us know. Because of privacy laws, the only way to know that person X is taking medication Y is from person X directly. While we think everyone has what they need, things change.

Need to report denial of health care in jail during RNC? Call our activist law collective friends at Cold Snap Legal Hotline, (651) 356-8635

Arrests of 14 + Medics

Yes, yes it’s true. Medics can be arrested. North Star has had at least 14 street medics arrested. When I tell my sister who is a teacher at public schools in the Twin Cities that medics were arrested she asked, “Why? What were the medics doing?” Umm, medics were providing medical care to RNC protesters in the streets of Downtown St Paul. They were arrested. Providing health care on street. Arrested. Health on Street. Arrest. Health on Street. Arrest. Should I perhaps repeat this sequence 14 times? More? Does it make sense? No.

Many street medics have been released. Some charged with felony conspiracy. Some charged with misdemeanors. Reportedly charges were randomly distributed. Who knows…maybe the police are attempting a randomized control trial– “Duh… what happens when we charge street medics with felony vs. misdemeanor during 2008 RNC? Dur… I dunno lets see if we can get funding for a randomized control trial, mk? We do have 50 miiiiillion dollars to spend!”

Some medics are participating in solidarity by deciding to stay in jail until everyone is released. Sounds like super fun time all around!

Other news

Our Wellness Space is nice. Come check it out & get a free massage. For reals.

Now go think about happy things! Like flowers and puppies and kittens and rainbows! <—my attempt at psychological first aid.

Love Always,

Your Pal North Star


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